…….and my problem here is finally done and over yesterday. I feel relieved and relaxed now. Nicco will be turning 3 on Sunday, May 24. We invited my family to come over tomorrow as we will celebrate Nicco’s birthday in advance as Ian will cook this Sunday for a Christening of a baby boy as the celebration and reception will be held here at the house too. I still have some pending tasks to do this weekend and will jot down everything here just so I won’t forget.

  • Pay internet and phone bills today- hubby will be the one to do this.
  • Grocery
  • organize the closet and keep the stuffed toys of the kids.
  • prepare lists of ingredients for the menu on Nicco’s bday
  • open a savings account @ BPI family savings bank near the office on Monday

Office tasks for today

  • payroll
  • follow up collections
  • update receivables
  • follow up items for warranty

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