How did we spent our Valentines last Saturday? Nothing fancy! just spend the day at home, invited my family to come over since Ian cooked something special. Carbonara, inihaw na tilapia and hotdog, Inihaw na liempo, chicken curry and sinuam na mais., we got cupcakes for dessert. We were so full! This seem to be a three occasion affair~ my/mommy Carols Birthday/ Valentine’s celebration rolled into one. 🙂

Last Friday, There was a Valentine special presentation at Gabby’s school, They were ask to bring plate, spoon and fork, glass, table napkin. Kaya pala Gabby have been telling us that mayroon daw silang surprise for parents.

(She won in finding your hearts match here)

Gabby made the preparation for this set as a suprise supposedly for both Ian an I. Hubby was so delighted with the surprise. I was really proud of my little girl while watching the video of her setting up the table .

(Gabby did this table setting)

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