Virus again

The moment I plugged my card reader, I couldn’t access the files. A certain flashy folder kept on appearing even though I’ve already deleted it. hmm. I hope it won’t delete the photo files. This already happened a month ago on my flash drive. I couldn’t access all the photos anymore, the flash drive has been reformatted already but the flashy folder is still there. How do I fix this?

Today is our last day of work, too bad we didn’t get to receive our Christmas bonus. But anyways, there are lots of things to be thankful for. I thank God that this year wasn’t that really hard for us. I still have my work though I am getting tired of it. Others are doing their best to find one, I think I need to re-evaluate myself more and should make an analysis of my plans. I need to focus on ataining to fulfill a short term goal first and we’ll see and work on the long term ones the next time.

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