Home Makeover

Husband and I are currently on the process of trying to give our home a new look. You see, it has been sporting the same old look for quite sometime now. Hubby told me that he had already outgrown the same furniture’s and appliances we had at home. He had been seeing some of it since he was a kid.
Having the makeover session has been boxed in a while for some financial reasons, but since it’s holiday now is the perfect time to go and continue it. We both have plans and carefully taken it one step at a time so as to not make a mistake by choosing less quality products.
We had made canvass on some of furniture stores located at Aurora in San Juan. We even went to different malls to compare notes on the furniture that we want for our house. Some are quite pricey and Husband is not satisfied with their products. I made a research on the net to find some stores offering furniture inspiring eastern styles at LOM BOK. I have seen some nice and classic styles of sofas that is perfect on our living room. I even sported a very nice pair of quilts that fits perfectly on our bed for the master’s bedroom. What is left on our list is an armchairs that will go with sofas we had on our second floor’s living room area. This site is a big help for someone like us who’s having a home makeover for they got all what we need. No sweat and prices are reasonable enough that you could even got less for they have some items on sale.

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