Weekend Happenings

We went to Quiapo (Mom’s place) yesterday to celebrate my mothers birthday which actually falls last Thursday, August 28. We had a sumptuous lunch courtesy of my big bro’s budget. tehee. We had pansit malabon, Spaghetti and pichi-pichi from Amber’s Restaurant. Will upload and share the photos this week.

It was freakin’ hot yesterday, good thing we were just in time when we reached Mandaluyong because it rained so hard. Maybe it was the reason why Nicco had his fever that night. I got awaken by his hot body temperature when he hugged me unconsciously while he was sleeping. I immediately gave him a 5ml dosage of the ever reliable Tempra syrup. After 5 minutes, when i checked on his temperature the fever is gone. He was all smiles when he woke up this morning as if nothing happened last night.

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