My Wish and My Mom

Got a call from my mother 5 minutes ago . I felt so nervous upon hearing her sobs from the other line… I thought something terrible happened, My mother is so emotional at even the slightest things happening, most especially on problems. The conversation goes:


Nanay (Mom): Hello des?!
Me : O’ bakit? anong nangyari?
( Oh why? what happened?)
Nanay (Mom): tumawag ako kay Ian, humiram ako ng 2,500 pambayad ng tuition ni L di siya maka-exam. walang-wala akong pera. yung pambayad ng kuryente pinapunta ko si D kay kuya mo para humiram. mapapahiram ba ako ni Ian?
(I called up Ian, and borrowed 2,500 pesos from him to pay L’s tuition fee. I don’t really have money now, I asked D to go to your brother to borrow for the payment of electricity bill. Will Ian lend me?)
Me : Oo sige, ipakuha mo na lang pera para makabayad ng tuition si L.
(Yes, ok! just ask L to get the money to pay her tuition fee.)
Nanay: 2,500 hiram ko hindi 250 ha?!
(I am borrowing 2,500 pesos and not 250 pesos huh?! )
Me : Ok.

LOL! Si nanay talaga komedyante.
(LOL! she knew as well that I don’t have enough savings that’s why she’s confirming if i have the needed amount)
Good thing that I was able to withdraw my earnings from paid blogging last week, I have been saving up to buy something I am really longing for to have. Actually, we were just waiting for my *wish* to arrive anytime since Saturday, but for some reasons I don’t know and I don’t understand up until my mom’s call “It” didn’t came. And in situations like these, I am willing to give up my *wish* and chose the “real” thing. After all, she’s my mother! right?!
Though I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to get hold of that *wish* I’m longing to have. LOL! It is so dear to me that I know I still have 114 days for him to give and deliver it to me

hope that bulk contains one of my *wish* LOL.

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