Hmmmmp… grrrrrr……

I’m having a hard time posting photos here in my blog, blame to my uber outdated web browser internet explorer 5.1 here at the office! haah.. I’m bound to lose my temper here. can’t download firefox, the last time i’ve downloaded it, somebody uninstall it on my computer. whenever i need to post an image, still have to login to photobucket for image hosting to get an html code. and to create a link, need to manually type link codes. OH what a waste of time! At the end, whenever i gets tired of the copy paste thingy, i just end up surfing the net & blog hop! and forgot about my pending post already.. too bad!!! I can’t either blog at home since we don’t have internet connection anymore! HOW PATHETIC… tsk.. tsk..
I wish to have my own laptop in the near future, how near is near?? after 48 years i guess!!! LOL! 🙁

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