6 quirky things about me!

Thank you Jacqui for this Tag and nice to be your new blogging friend!

6 quirky things about me!

1. Before I take a bath i’ll make sure to flush the toilet first, check for any mess in the bathroom and clean it first.

2. I hate wrinkled bed sheet. Naiinis ako kapag magulo ang kama! I hate to see a blanket unfolded. I want it to be folded properly.

3. I hate Math! It would take time for me to answer even a simple calculation! LOL! but I am a banking & Finance major. bwahahaha!

4. I eat a lot!

5. I’m such a forgetful person!

6. I always sleep early!

I guess, eveyone has this tag already! snag it if you don’t have it yet!

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