Immerse in Bacolod’s “Colors and Flavors,” an Art Display at JT’s Manukan Grille BGC and JT’s Manukan Grille, BGC Branch on 32nd Avenue, present the vivid colors and the delectable flavors of Bacolod City via the art display “Colors and Flavors of Bacolod,” running now until October 15, 2023. (From L-R) Yuri Stegeman, founder; Carlos Chuidian, JT’s Manukan Grille BGC owner; and Joel Torre, JT’s Manukan Grille founder), an online art gallery supporting Filipino artists, collaborates with JT’s Manukan Grille, a chicken inasal restaurant chain, via the art display titled “Colors and Flavors of Bacolod.’’ Ongoing until Oct. 15, 2023, the art display features acrylic paintings of local artists Roselle Manalastas and Jason Ray Zabat at JT’s Manukan Grille in 32 nd Ave. cor. Bonifacio Blvd. BGC. “Colors and Flavors of Bacolod” portrays Bacolod City’s cultural heritage, seizing its essence through vibrant colors and vivid emotions that showcase the city’s annual celebration of the Masskara Festival. The artists’ creations draw deep inspiration from the world-renowned street festival, which stands as a symbol of the Negrenses’ resilience, born during the sugar crisis of the 1980s.

Joel Torre, the owner of JT’s Manukan Grille, wants to use his chains of restaurants as a safe, creative space for Filipino artists. “Our original al-fresco setup wasn’t ideal for displaying traditional visual art due to dust. Nonetheless, we hosted performances and showcased films, aiming to turn the place into an arts hub. We are also transforming our branch in Boracay into an arts community, initiating storytelling, music, painting, and filmmaking workshops. This is our way of giving back to the community.”

Jason Ray Zabat explains the creation process of “Mr. Juan Tilaok.

Jason Ray Zabat, artist, shared his creation process of “Mr. Juan Tilaok,” an intricately layered acrylic painting inspired by Mr. Torre. Zabat said, “The chicken, embodying the restaurant and Mr. Torre, was vital in shaping the artwork. The attire reflects Mr. Torre’s artistic identity, enhanced by cultural elements like the Sarimanok-inspired tail and natural motifs of flowers and vines on the coat.” Zabat’s artwork has also incorporated Bacolod’s famous delicacies, such as inasal, piaya, and kansi, adding depth to the artwork’s narrative. Before this art display, also partnered with other local establishments to promote artists and expand its reach. Its initial collaboration was with Brewed
Specialty Coffee, a third-wave coffee shop in Pasig City. As part of the coffee shop’s
second-anniversary celebrations, hosted an art display titled “Sining at
Kape,” featuring the works by Pasigueño artists.

About, an online art gallery from the Philippines, connects art lovers with
diverse Filipino artworks. Since its launch in October 2019, it has supported local
artists by showcasing and marketing their works. It features independent and
established visual artists, regularly adding new pieces like paintings, drawings, digital
art, sculptures, and mixed media weekly. Representing 460+ artists, the gallery offers
a curated collection of 1,700+ art pieces spanning various styles. The UK-based
Corporate Vision-Small Business Awards named the “Best Online Art
Gallery in the Philippines” in 2022. The digital platform was developed and is
maintained by Chanz Global, which is also behind and About JT’s Manukan Grille

JT’s Manukan Grille has delighted diners with delicious Bacolod-style grilled chicken
for over two decades. Created by actor Joel Torre and his wife, Cristy, their passion
for crafting flavorful grilled chicken from cherished family recipes led to its start in 2003.

    The first restaurant opened in Bacolod, focusing on the famous chicken inasal. Recognized by as the “Top Chicken Inasal Restaurant” since 2015, it’s a
    must-visit in Mr. Torre’s hometown, with a special place in his heart due to his
    family’s food catering history. With an unwavering commitment to flavorful cuisine, JT’s Manukan Grille has won patrons’ hearts across multi-locations (about 35
    branches so far), fulfilling their dream of sharing delectable creations globally.

    For inquiries, please contact:
    Denise Concepcion

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