5 Tips For Organizing Your Home Office

Most people started off a home office with a small room where they can neatly organize and keep all their documents for further reference. Everything was neatly filed for a while and then one day it suddenly dawned on them that the neat room is no longer neat anymore.

Everything was cluttered all over the table, shelves, and in the drawers. Just looking at the state of their home office overwhelmed them. Well, they have to start somewhere. The first step is to target one place at a time to get you moving and before you know it, the home office is back to organized state! If you have none and are keen to create a home office, you can consult an interior designer Los Angeles for some great ideas.

  • Table top: First, you will need to clear the table top to give you the space to work on it. Gather all the papers and everything on the table and place them all in a big basket. Gather dirty mugs to be washed and drinking bottles, etc. for recycling or to be thrown away.
  • Sorting through the basket:

Books: Sort them into 2 piles; one to be returned to the library or friends that you have borrowed from and another pile for books that need to go back to your own bookshelf.

Papers, documents, etc.: Get ready a trash bin. Go through every paper, etc. and throw what can be thrown. Place all important papers that need your action in one pile on the table and for filing on another pile. The same applies for utility bills, etc.

Stationaries: A stationary tray with compartments will be great for the stationaries.

  • Drawers: Clear out the messy drawers, sort through and add them onto the piles on the table for your action or for filing.

  • Bookshelf: Dusting and rearranging the books back into their proper places. For those who need ideas concerning bookshelves, cabinets, or drawers, etc., Palm Springs interior designers will be the right people to consult.
  • Filing into categories: After the mess has been clear, it is time to file the documents, utility bills, etc. according to their categories. Label the folders or colour code them e.g. using bright red folder for those things that need your action according to your own preferences. Labelling or colour coding the folders will ensure easy and time saving for further references.

Place a multi-tier rack on one corner of your table for organizing your mail. You can label the top most layer for incoming mail, utility bills, etc. that need your attention. The 2nd tier for anything that need to be filed. And the 3rd tier for others purposes.

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