Natural Hair Wig

Back in the day, there are just limited choices when it comes to achieving a natural straight hair.

You really need to spend a lot if you wanted to have  a long and straight hair, it actually almost costs a whole month salary or more of an average earner. That was just a so called ‘relax‘ hair treatment, then comes, ‘rebond‘, now comes ‘brazilian‘, keratin‘, etc, etc…  I also remember spending almost the entire day in the salon and not taking a hair shower for the next 2-3 days to achieve the ‘ straight’ hair effect! Whew, what a task that is!

Thanks to the fast phase and advancement of technology, accessorizing hair is not just limited to undergoing hair treatment. You no longer have to bear the pain of going the above scenarios to give your crowning glory a ‘glory’ to achieve.

One of the trends now is using natural hair wig. Yup, we all do remember how limited are the options for hair wigs before, like five to ten years ago. Wigs then are so unnatural that it can only be used as a props for a play or for mannequins in a shop. Hehe

But Lo and behold, there are now 100% Human hair U Part Wigs  that you can use and see photo below. See, how natural right?!

How to wear a U-part Wig

The U-part wig is designed to give the look of a sew-in that comes along with straps. The U part or the u shaped opening at the top allows to have it attached  along with the natural hair and won’t add up stress so it looks flowing just like a natural hair.

You may check out addcolo for more information about the product and other human handmade products available that specializes to give your crowning glory the achievement to have the most natural hair using their handmade products.

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