My Crowning Glory

Bad hair day is usually one of the pet peeves of women. I myself is affected whenever I see myself in a bad unruly hair especially at work. I actually had a mirror in front of me while taking in calls! Haha! All women who works in a call center environment can actually relate on that.

It’s a bit odd that now I am in my late thirties, I was able to maintain and grow my hair way below the shoulder length. When I was in my teenage stage, I had the shortest hair, a boy cut to be specific and it never went beyond the shoulder length in my early twenties, all just below jaw as the longest.

Then came the rebond hair treatment bandwagon. Haha! I was of course one of the first to join!  But as we progress, there are now many ways on how to accessorize your hair without having to go through treatments that will definitely cause a pain nor long process to make it more  beautiful.

Thanks to Maxglam,  a registered worldwide brand professional in natural virgin hair products, such as hair weft, lace closure, lace frontal, wigs, hair extensions (U/I/V tip /Micro Ring), hair bulk and material etc. 

No need for you to wait months or even years to grow your hair longer and achieve the  long straight weave  because they got it for you!

honey blonde ombre weave


If you want something extra ordinary, you may go for deep wave weave .  Something to perk your hairstyle indeed right?!

cheap hair bundles

Or how about the natural looking silk base closure. Silk base closure Is very natural to wear. With proper care,  their closure can be used for about one year.

These are perfect especially if you’re passionate about fashion! You can have different hairstyle without damaging your hair.  Now you can brush them off with your hairstyle!


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