Do You Need A Permit To Remove A Tree?

There are several important reasons why you might need to have a tree removed from your back garden or from a public space. Tree loppers in Perth will be able to deal with this particular problem.

Firstly, tree roots can become overgrown and they might start to interfere with the foundations of your house. This is a rare problem, but the consequences can be very serious. If the foundations need to be replaced, then this can potentially cost thousands of dollars. Secondly, trees will need to be removed if they are dangerously leaning towards buildings or they look like they could potentially fall on people. Thirdly trees may need to be removed if they are blocking the view or blocking out light from a garden.

Trees In Public Spaces

Getting a permit for tree removal depends on where the tree actually is. If the tree is in public, such as on a footpath or in a public park, then it is illegal to simply remove the tree without a permit. This permit will be granted by the local council, and will only be issued if your application satisfied them that the tree poses a risk or is blocking out light for nearby houses or businesses.

Once the permit has been granted, the tree can be safely removed from the public space. Visit for tree surgery which is efficient and reasonably priced.

Protected Trees

The next types of trees that require a permit for cutting down are trees which are on Australia’s protected tree list. This is designed to protect endangered species from being felled. Preserving these types of trees allows new ones to be planted from seeds. Cutting down protected trees without the proper license could result in the local council giving you a hefty fine.

In order to avoid prosecution or a fine, it is critical that you apply for a permit to cut down the protected tree. The council will need to be convinced that the tree poses a risk to buildings, that it is encroaching on land, or that it is blocking the view and light for you.

Once the correct permit has been gained, the protected tree can be legally removed without any issues. This will mean that buildings will no longer be in danger of leaning trees and the view will not be obstructed.

Trees Which Encroach Onto Your Land

Trees which are on a neighbouring property but which are encroaching onto your land cannot be removed without a special permit. Don’t rely on your neighbour’s permission because it could ultimately turn out that the tree is protected. As previously discussed in this article, removing trees which are on Australia’s Protected Trees list could result in prosecution or a heavy fine.

You should contact the local council and inform them that the tree is encroaching on your land and is causing you a problem. Once the correct permit has been acquired, you will be able to have the tree removed.

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