5 Reasons Why a Plant is a Better Gift Than Cut Flowers

Giving plants as gifts is more popular than ever, but more people are moving away from giving one another cut flowers and opting instead to give living plants. What are some of the reasons why a plant from a place like The Gluttonous Gardener is a better gift than cut flowers? Continue reading for just five reasons.

1. The Gift Recipient Can Watch It Grow

One of the best things about a live plant is the fact that you can watch it grow for months or years to come. So what starts off as a small plant can eventually grow and bloom into a really eye-catching, beautiful centrepiece in your gift recipient’s home. Plus, the recipient can watch it grow as a direct result of his or her great care of this living thing, thinking of you every time he or she sees the plant.

2. It Will Last Longer

A plant that can last for years is in contrast to cut flowers, which only last a few days before withering and drying out only to be thrown into the trash and be forgotten. So rather than giving someone a bouquet of flowers that can bloom when placed in water, why not get them the whole plant so they can watch it grow and bloom over and over again with each passing year?

3. It’s More Environmentally Friendly

With more people becoming increasingly eco-conscious, live plants, rather than cut flowers, are becoming more popular. This is because a good portion of cut flowers that are sold in shops are actually imported from other countries, and this requires a lot of fuel that results in pollution. The plants are often grown unsustainably and foreign workers may not have labour protections, making low wages while being exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides that aren’t only bad for people, but bad for the planet. And all of those cut flowers end up in the trash sooner or later, whether they’re sold or not, resulting in a lot of waste

4. There are a Variety of Choices

When it comes to plants, there are so many choices available. You can give someone a baby palm tree, a succulent, or a flower-producing plant that will bloom beautifully and fragrantly on a regular basis. The same options aren’t available as cut flowers, so you have a lot more choices and more variety when shopping for live plants to give as gifts than when you shop for cut flowers at a florist.

5. It Can Be Planted in a Garden

Finally, your gift can be planted in the recipient’s garden, provided that the conditions are optimal and that the weather throughout the year will allow the plant to thrive. So in addition to watching the plant grow in a pot inside the home, it can also grow even more beautifully surrounded by other trees, shrubs, and flowers outside.

With so many great reasons to give live plants rather than cut flowers as gifts, you can start creating unique gifts for every special occasion and every special person in your life.

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