Rest Day and Egg Pie

I was suppose to continue from where I left off with my last post, but I totally forgot due to stress (caused by I don’t know if it’s the connection or the PC itself). 😀  I even made a note of my upcoming posts only to be dismay because I lost all the pictures I needed for it. It was about all the sample products (freebies) that I received from EverydayMe. I remember registering in their site late last year and received the Ariel Powder soap and Downy Fabric Conditioner along with the membership card and a few discount coupons.

Next came were diapers ( I forgot the brand), then the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, Whisper Cottony X-Long, Downy Parfum Timeless Collection Scent Switcher. Those were really all good products as I have really tried and tested and gain favorable results with it.

Oh well, I really need a good “smart phone” for myself for my blogging needs. Tehee. Anyway, last Friday, since we could not open the kitchen due to flood in our street ( due to the DPWH project that is taking more than 49 years already!) Ian told me that he’ll teach me how to make an Egg Pie!  and since I am not really a fan of cooking nor baking, I didn’t get excited with the idea! Hahaha!

But hey, I was wrong, when I finally was able to make my very own crust and get to taste the fruit of my labor, I  think I fell in love with baking?!

sifting flour photo IMG350.jpg photo IMG351.jpg

 photo IMG353.jpg crust photo IMG356.jpg
baking egg pie photo IMG358.jpgEgg Pie photo IMG362.jpg












We didn’t get the perfect color of the topping because we omitted doing the egg white foam?! Oh, but it really taste good!!! We were able to fill 2 pie dish and about   16 slices all in all. Happy tummy is what we really had that day!

Today is my son’s birthday. He got all his gifts as  early as last month so for today, DH cooked pasta Carbonara. While the birthday celebrant and his big sister is out to attend their playmate’s 7th birthday, which they said had big pig (Lechon!), unlimited dirty ice cream, cakes, spaghetti, clowns, lots of food and plenty of games. They indeed enjoyed the day. Whew! Seems like the little forgot that it was his birthday eh. Haha!

This month is about to end this week. I am so looking forward to a fruitful and productive week ahead. I hope that I may be able to continue to update this blog more often like this. I missed blogging. Also, May God grant our wish for the kids soon. I hope you are enjoying the last days for the summer vacation! Have a great week ahead everyone!


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