What Happened Since My Last Post?

… Gabby, celebrated her 11th Birthday on April 27th. 🙂 Nothing grand, DH cooked pasta carbonara and we bought her Mango cake from Red Ribbon. She invited a couple of friends and treated them merienda. Prior to that ( about first week of April I think), she posted over at her FB account that she wanted to  have Hamsters as a gift.

Little Hamsters photo IMG220.jpg

Sleepyhead Hammie photo IMG252.jpgBut… both died a day after Gabby’s birthday 🙁 Nicco even captured them on video that morning, they were so cute being so playful and  active. I think they died due to heat stroke because I left them at the terrace around 10 a.m and forgot to bring them inside the room. I only remember when I went out and saw them around 2 p.m. and  It was freakin’ hot! I immediately took them inside the room and noticed they hardly move. They didn’t make it that day. The kids buried them the next day  in our garden. They even offered them prayers that they both go to Pet Heaven. DH wanted to buy the kids another pair but I asked him not too soon. We had to let the summer end first because they might not be able to survive the weather.

Nicco on the other hand, got himself a  Penny Board and a Vans rubber shoes as his early birthday gift.

 photo 11174745_10204131776395356_7284815223638317907_o1.jpg

School is about to start  early next month so I am really hoping to fix our problem soon. I am also looking forward to find a job  that will augment our family’s income. The kitchen does not operate on a regular straight 6 days per week so the income t generates cannot really cover all of our needs.

** To be continued (Internet is really getting crappy and PC hangs every five minutes) tomorrow.

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