Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Can you feel the heat?! Oh yes, summer is definitely here! Time to check and tick off those in your summer activity to do’s. I bet that on top of every list of going on a vacation away from the hustles and bustles of city life, not to mention the hot weather in here!

One of the top thing to consider when going for a travel is to make sure that you will have a safe and smooth travel on the road. Your car will definitely be your companion during your entire travel so have your vehicle go through a check-up before going on a trip.

Budget is another thing to keep in mind. You wouldn’t want to push a conked out car in the middle of the highway right?! So here are some fuel efficient driving tips that you can take note of to save on your time, money and effort when going for a drive.

Regular Tune-Up. Keeping your  car’s maintenance should be on your top priority. The scheduled change oil, air-filter replacement, etc will lengthen and keep your vehicle in smooth car cycle. A fuel friendly trick and must for your vehicle.

Tire Check. well aligned wheel and  inflated tires keeps your vehicle on a smooth flow drive and saves a lot on fuel.

Use proper gasoline type. Regular or Premium?! Don’t forget to properly check what type of gas fits your vehicle. Also, don’t forget to check on which station offers discount, prices vary so definitely go to those that offer cheaper price. Here is a chart giving you an idea of gasoline prices in the Philippines.

Drive on speed limit. Don’t go high speed when driving, aside for safety as the top consideration. A high speed drive also requires a lot of fuel consumption.

Weight Check. Of course, going on a long trip or an out of town vacation would mean more  things to bring. The key is to properly check on the list of things to bring. You don’t really have to bring your entire closet in with you in the car don’t you?! 🙂 Just keep and bring the essential things. This will not just save on space but also lighten the load of the car.

Buy a fuel efficient car. If you have the budget or aiming to buy a new car, choose those that are fuel efficient like the Hybrid/Green cars that are now doing raves in the car industry and  Carmudi PH offers those type of car.

You see, here in the Philippines our lawmakers has passed on the House Bill 5460 that aims for the “widespread use of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles in the country and thus lessen dependence on imported fossil fuel”  It’s a good thing that many people are getting more environmentally aware of the effect of the use of vehicle.

Happy Driving!

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