Patron Saint of the Hopeless Cases

St. Jude Archdiocesian Shrine, Mendiola Manila

Back in my college years during Thursday afternoons , my friends and I would devote our time and pray the novena to the patron saint of the hopeless cases, St. Jude at St. Jude Thaddeus Church at Mendiola, Manila in the heart of the university belt.

He never failed me with all of my prayer requests back then especially when I pray over for guidance during our examinations then. I only get the chance to visit the place once every year during our yearly tradition of Visita Iglesia only when I moved place with DH. 

P1010779 I bought some st jude medals  when I last went there and have it blessed during the mass. It looks something like this that is also being offered at Joy Jewelers


St. Jude Thaddeus medal is made of polished 14kt white gold. size is smaller than a dime.

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