Post-It Smiley’s

I woke up one morning to seeing this before I enter the bathroom. Underneath our dresser are the kids toys (the one that they usually play with most of the time). I did ask them to put in the plastic box their favorite ones, so as not having a very cluttered toys around the room.

Other toys were put in a separate big box outside our bedroom, bog ones like cars, stuffed toys, etc. Board games like monopoly and puzzles are in the cabinet.

This time, the organizer box is filled with post it notes!


Up close are the messy toys 🙂


… and those smiley drawn by the little boy himself.

P1140005 P1140006


He said, “ those are our different moods while we play!” 😀 BTW, he got those post it note from their cousin… and I think he got it without any permission. 😉


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