Happy Mom’s Day!

Yes, I am that way behind in greeting fabulous moms out there. Haha! As always, I am caught up with some things offline, so the reason for the lack of updates here. You know, I just don’t feel writing when I feel low for I might regret all the things that I might say later on. I should have saved the space for more positive things to say instead of you reading some sad stories here. 🙂

As for Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday, we just stay home (again). I did the my weekend routine, laundry, cleaning and catching up on sleep… But, we had a great Caldereta for our lunch!  Recipe taken from the black book (  special handwritten recipes from Ian’s late mom) The Caldereta should have beer as one of the ingredients but since there was liquor ban, it was slashed off from the list. Hahaha!

Wondering how it looked like? I really mean to take a snap of it but kids were too hungry that they couldn’t wait for any photo op to take place anymore. LOL!

Only this yummy Mango Cake from Red Ribbon as their Mother’s Day  gift to me.



The next day Monday, Ian and I went early around 7 am to the polling precint to cast our votes. We were done in less than 10 minutes!

For my senator bets, I wasn’t able to fill up the 12 slots. Out of the 9 candidates, only 7 of them made it to the senate. 🙂 For locals, I voted for my same old bets.

I still got some catching up to do, save that for another post!