Hello April!

One week late greetings I know! 😉 If there’s one thing that sums up on how did my first week of April went…HOT! Literally and figuratively. I just can’t really stand the terrible weather. Whew!

Last Friday, April 5 was the hottest recorded so far at 35.4 degrees Celsius! That was also the day I had to do an out of the office errand :(. You see, I need to go to our accountant’s office to submit some documents and I had to ride public transport (LRT and Jeepney). So imagine how exhausting it is to commute. If there’s one thing I hate about my job, that’s is  going out to travel especially during the afternoon’s (peak of the terrible heat of the sun that is!)

On the brighter side, I felt I lost weight with all the perspiration and exhaustion brought about by the hot weather. Haha!

***On family updates, Nicco had his entrance examination for grade one last April 3.According to Ian, It lasted for two hours. Yes, two hours!!! I remember I only took a one hour examination for  college entrance exam. LOL! The little boy said, he was able to answer all the questions. We’ll get the results on Monday.

Gabby, on the other hand is getting impatient as she waits for her Polymer Clay. Yep, she’s been into this art clay craft and  watching YouTube videos on How to create your own charm using polymer clay is her favorite online activity! The thing is, I ordered a starter kit and a gloss for her in a FB online store that she saw. I paid and deposited the money first thing in the morning last Thursday hoping to receive it anytime the next day. The seller said that she’ll inform me once the shipping is done. But I haven’t heard of her until this time :(  the little girl is kinda upset now.

April is the birthday month of DD, she’ll be turning nine years old on the twenty seventh! While the little boy will be seven by next month! So I am really hoping and praying for a fund so we can treat them something special on their birthdays!

That’s it for now, were off to an early First Sunday Mass for April. April celebrants will get birthday blessings after, the little girl is excited now. :) 

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