SSS Salary Loan Online Application

Last month I was able to attend a seminar in one of the SSS branch in Metro Manila. I was given a note informing that there will be no more manual submission of the contribution (R3 form), it should be in the form of USB or through online submission .

The said website enhancement of the SSS that allows members and employers to submit online collection reports and applications boosts the ease and convenience for both parties and to lessen the long queue in the SSS offices as well.

As an employed member, I was able to try out the filing of SSS Salary Loan via Online.

Here are the easy steps that I took that might be of guide to others as well who wants to file their SSS Salary Loan Online


1) Go to make sure to tick on the Member tab. You have to register first to become a member.


sss login


2) Hover mouse pointer to the TRANSACTIONS tab and click on the Salary Loan Application

sss loan application 2



This will appear in the page, if you still have a pending application, thus not qualified for to apply for one. Also, make sure that you must have 36 posted monthly contributions, six (6) of which should be within the last twelve (12) months prior to the month of filing of application.

See HERE For the other qualifications. SSS Salary Loan - 1

3) If  you are qualified, you will be led to this page below.

  • input your employer ID
  • choose from the loan amount ( you can see the maximum loanable amount)
  • Tick (Check) on the agree to the Terms and condition
  • Click on the Submit Button

SSS Salary Loan 2

4) A confirming message will appear after, I forgot to take a snap but this will appear:


You have successfully submitted your SSS Salary Loan Application. We are awaiting the certification from your employer. Your salary loan application will expire if your employer fails to certify on or before Months Date, Year.

Please take note of your transaction number: ########

5) Check your email,  you will receive a Salary Loan Confirmation email that you have successfully submitted your loan application.


SSS Salary Loan email noitification.

6) Wait for the email notification that your employer have certified your SSS loan. ( you may follow up on your HR department for this one because if not certified for a certain period of time, your application will expire and you have to resubmit again)  This will confirm that your application for the salary loan is in process already.


SSS Salary Loan email noitification.

7) You may view the status of your Loan Application through your SSS online account.

You will see a CHECK GENERATED STATUS, Check Date, Loan Amount and your monthly amortization which will be deducted on your salary after two months.  SSS Salary Loan -4

Your cheque will be delivered through your employers’ address, so check on your HR department for the availability of your cheque. This may take a couple of weeks.

Personally, I filed my application last February 27, it was certified the next day (Feb 28) according to SSS ( I followed by via call), turn over of checks is within 3 days to the post office. So I am on the 5th day of waiting. Will update this post once I get to receive the check. 🙂

** Update ( March 12)

Mr. Postman delivered my check last Friday (March 8) at the office. 🙂 Showed up 2 valid I.D (my company and SSS I.D) and signed his mini-notebook as a proof that I was able to receive my check.

Just a tip, inabangan ko si Mamang kartero and told him I was expecting a check as I filed a salary loan in SSS. So there, he’s been updating me every once in while if the check is at the postal office already.  No need to wait for a parcel notice from the post office. 🙂 It only took 7 days (including Saturday and Sunday na yun.)Technically, five working days from the day I received the email notification that my employer has certified my application.

Very convenient! No need to go to the SSS branch, no need to fall in line. Time, money (fare), effort saved. Hope this helps!  You may leave comment and I’ll do my best to be of help.

53 thoughts on “SSS Salary Loan Online Application

  1. Hi Mike,

    Mas madali po magpareset ng online account if personal ka magpunta sa SSS, though pwede rin through email pero mas madami hinihingi requirements to verify. Kung saan po and servicing branch ng company niyo dun ka na lang po mag file para mas ok. Just fill-up the form and have it signed by you and your employer saka SSS ID. Thanks!

  2. Hi Judith, yea pwede naman po for as long as naeet mo yung requirements to avail of the loan. You can check out the link in the blog post na lang or better sa SSS site mismo for voluntary members.

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