Laser Eye Surgery


I was in grade five then when my teacher noticed that I had a hard time reading what is written in the blackboard, so she transferred me into the first row and gave my parents a letter to ask for an eye check-up. It was confirmed that I have a poor and blurry eyesight.

Since then, I had to wear prescription eyeglasses and was instructed to only take it off when taking a bath and when it’s time to sleep. I get used to it until my high school days. But of course, there were cons that came with it, some naughty classmates teases me, nerd, “four-eyes” ,etc. So goes with unfashionable look during my JS Prom. Yes, I had to wear my glasses because we can’t afford for a contact lenses then. 🙂

Fast forward to my college years, I shifted to contact lenses but my eyes could not bear wearing it for a long period of time so I switch back to eyeglasses. Imagine not being able to clearly see your baby when you gave birth?! I have to go through that because I had to take off my eyeglasses upon giving birth eh! 🙁

I am now hoping to undergo a Boston Lasik eye surgery. I am crossing my fingers that I am a qualified candidate for the said procedure so that I can still enjoy a 20/20 vision and bid goodbye to my prescription eyeglasses.

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