Coffee Break, Anyone?!

Taking a break every once in awhile from our very busy schedule is very important for us to become more efficient and productive in our work.

So one must not take from granted that 15 minutes coffee  break and 1 hour lunch break from our daily work schedule. It is one important way for us to recharge and gain back  strength to face the rest of the day’s challenges in our job.

There are also some health benefits that you can get from taking a short break from work, prolong sitting may cause some back and pelvic problems, so getting up once in awhile relaxes those muscles and back strain. Power naps also helps in rejuvenating energy which are helpful in gaining back that snap senses that are helpful in good judgment while you work and essential in decision making and creating new and effective ideas for work efficiency. 

One of the best places that you can go to with the rest of your co-workers is at a Cafe. Cafe’s are typically everywhere nowadays, they could be on the same building of your work area or on a nearby mall 2-5 minutes away from the office.

Sipping on that coffee while having a good laugh and conversation about anything and everything under the sun with some of your officemates or friends helps a lot in diverting your attention to gain back senses away from the tight work schedule.The smell of the coffee’s aroma, warm ambiance, nice cafe table and furniture is enough way to relieve and release those stress and tensions brought about by challenges of work deadlines, meetings, reports, irate clients, pressure from your superiors,  etc.

Instead of going to noisy clubs and restaurant, you may opt to visit a Cafe. Cafe’s offer warm and cozy ambiance perfect for those who want to take a break. They have nice cafe furniture, excellent styles and design of cafe chairs and tables where you can comfortably sit and relax. They usually offer light meals and snacks, refreshments and their specialty of different cool flavors and aroma of your favorite coffee or frappe.

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