Watch For Her

It’s been almost three years since my watch gave up on me. Since then, I didn’t bother to buy a new one and just relied on my mobile phone (since I thought of taking advantage of its time feature :D). So imagine how I managed to take off my mobile phone every time I need to look for the time. Quiet tedious I know! Ahaha!

I haven’t really paid attention to it not until I dropped my mobile phone many times already. So I think I really need to look for a real wristwatch.

Given the chance and the budget of course, I’d love to get this carrera tag heuer

carrera ladies tag heuer watch

It is round and small size, made up of polished steel. I love the White Mother –of-Pearl with spiral effect color. So goes with the other nice feature; water resistant, folding clasp and swizz quartz.

Now I can’t wait to look at the time on this lovely on my wrist soon.

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