20th Of January

Time flies indeed! It just seems yesterday when I’m all busy with finishing my pending tasks and so looking forward to the holiday break. Now we’re all back to the grind on the regular schedule.

What seems new for my January? nothing much for my daily job, still the same daily routine on out of the office errand (Although I have new way when going to our accountant. Ahaha!), clerical stuffs, etc.

Still the same morning routine; waking up early to check on emails, prepare my and the little girl’s things for school and office, send her to school and I spending a little more time to eat and watch morning news.

But, I am more high in spirit and more positive now 🙂 I aim to complain less and tend to look at the brighter side when faced with challenges.

High hopes and Keeping the Faith still all through out the year!

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