How to keep your dog looking ultra cool

Everyone wants their dog to look their best and be admired by both other humans and their pooch friends when out on walks. There are many ways you can achieve this so read the following to make your dog the most talked about pooch in town.

Looks are very important and it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is looking at his best to prevent you and your dog feeling embarrassed when out. Grooming is an essential part of making sure your dog looks good as it helps to keep the coat clean, free from mats and helps to reduce the amount of fur shed in the environment. The appropriate tools are important to use to ensure that they are effective. The Furminator comes in various sizes to suit all breeds and helps to reduce shedding by 90%. It is great for all fur types and lengths and this one tool does the job effectively.


Grooming should be conducted regularly, ideally at least once a week and health checks should be conducted also to allow you to spot early signs of any health disorders which should be dealt with immediately.

You should also ensure your dog gets wet and wild once in a while to remove the grease and dirt that brushing cannot. However it is also important to ensure you do not over wash them as it will strip the fur of the oils that enable it to be waterproof.


When walking your pooch a great lead and harness is required to ensure they are safe when out and about. Choosing both of these can be time consuming however a reflective dog harness is great for enabling you both to be seen in the dark and as safety is very important these harnesses are a great choice.

Dog toys are important for your dog’s mental health as they stimulate and teach great skills such as how to play and how to problem solve. They can also help to keep them fit and in shape and can help prevent or deal with problem behaviours such as separation issues which can lead to chewing furniture and shoes, as you do not want to show your dog up by walking him in holey shoes. Some toys are also good at helping to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in good condition so they too have pearly whites and can flash those nashers at the opposite sex confidently.


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