Architecture and Lighting

Lighting is essential in architecture. Architects use light to create effects and aesthetic relations between the building and light source. Harmony is encouraged, using both light and shade to create atmospheric rooms. There are a variety of lights available when designing a room, so there are various aspects to take into account. Should you use a hanging light, a floor light, table light or built into the structure lights? Geoffrey Harris has a variety of designer lights available on their web store, so you can find exactly what suits you.


Orluna’s Quad50 LED light is an example of lights that can be built into the ceiling or wall of an office, home or restaurant. They offer a good source of light using 50W Halogen lamps that save energy. These excellent lights come with a built in dimmer system so you can choose the amount of light that they give out.

Other examples of lights available come from the Bestlite range. They come in a variety of styles from lamps that can be wall mounted to desk lights. A small claim to fame for Bestlite is that Winston Churchill once had a Bestlite desk lamp on his desk.

Another famous brand that is sold at Geoffrey Harris is the renowned Anglepoise light. This classic floor or desk lamp has been used by many companies since its conception including multi-million pound companies and other established companies such as the BBC. Its balance weight arm provides maximum flexibility. If you are interested by the names on show, you can click on this link for more information about Geoffrey Harris and its quality products.

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