Kids Christmas Party 2012

Last December 17 was the Christmas party of my DD. Here’s what she wore on their party. 🙂 A polka dots blouse similar to mine. Ahaha! A black leggings and comfy sandals. A little miss indeed.


The little boy on the other hand, has to be in a Chinese costume. We bought this red Chinese costume at Market place in Mandaluyong for around 300 pesos. 

oops, I forgot to fold his collar in this photo 🙂


Kids before going to the little boy’s party 🙂


DS reciting the poem What a Wonderful World on stage with his classmates.


… and these are their loots from their exchange gifts in school. All were something educational and useful school materials. 


Now, they are looking forward to unwrapping their Christmas gifts from their Tita’s later tonight after the noche buena. 🙂

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