Is Black The New White?

Last Friday was a regular holiday which means no work and a long weekend for us workers! πŸ™‚ We took advantage of the day to look around and go to a seamstress to have the little girl’s white dress fixed for her first communion pictorial on December 7.

We got her white dress from the balikbayan box that we received last year I think from Ate I which contains old and new clothes. πŸ™‚ It was a sleeveless white dress but the requirement for the dress is to have a collar and sleeves.

So off we go to a nearby mall and look around for a satin bolero. Good thing we found one that is very cheap yet of nice design which perfectly matches the dress. Then we roam around to look for a white pair of shoes.

I asked the saleslady in the shoe section if they have white shoes, β€œ Miss,  meron kayo white shoes, gagamitin for first communion?!” then she said, β€œpili lang po mam”   I couldn’t find a black one from the array of shoes  so I asked her again for a white color, β€œ Miss, white shoes meron ba?” She replied, β€œ eto mam oh, black shoes, may glitters pa”

Oh men! Ang linaw nga ng sinabi ko na white shoes eh, ipilit daw ba ang black shoes?! Ahahaha!

So there, we were not able to buy a white shoes. Will save another trip for it to another mall perhaps. ;) 

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