7 Inspiring Ideas for Creating a Low Maintenance Backyard

Use Rocks & Pebbles to Eliminate Work

While natural grass is very aesthetically pleasing, it can become a hassle to maintain – particularly if you already have a busy lifestyle. Designer rocks and pebbles can be purchased from landscaping supply stores and make for great additions to any garden or backyard. While I’m not suggesting that you need to cover your entire yard with lose rocks, creating portions of stone feature pieces can really enhance an area, while also helping to create a low maintenance backyard.

Research your Plant & Flower Choices

Researching the plant and flower species most suited to your climate and needs is a must for any low maintenance garden. Drought tolerant species of flora are easy to maintain and can stand a little neglect, should life get busy. If you have children or animals, opt for plants without thorns and always steer clear of poisonous varieties.

Create Designated Areas of the Yard

To maintain your desired design, create designated areas within your backyard. If you have children, for instance, create a special play area for them, as this will make clean up time and packing away toys a breeze. Separating grassed areas from planter boxes also helps to create a safer play environment for your family.

Create Pathways

Imagine you’ve just mowed your lawn, weeded your garden and watered your plants – only to have 40 or so guests arrive to trample all over your proud, garden masterpiece. Eliminate the extra work of maintaining a yard with heavy foot traffic, by adding a path to major areas. If you have a clothesline in your backyard, for instance, make a clear walkway to this area. If guests pass through your yard to enter the house, also create an attractive path to and from your front door.

Consider Slopes & Angles

Always consider the angle or slope of your block of land. Steep angles can be a nightmare to mow, creating more unnecessary work. If you cannot eliminate slopes in your backyard, create a smart living area, by using these sections as gardens with mulch or stone ground cover. When building a new home it is important to take the slope of the block into consideration. Many of the leading builders Toowoomba has to offer work closely with landscape gardeners to complete the overall house and land product.

Use Mulch

Plants and flowers really do make a backyard something special, but they can also create a great deal of work. Using mulch will help to eliminate unnecessary work and also assists in decreasing the growth of weeds.

Implement Regular Garden Maintenance Sessions

While it may sound like more hard work, regularly maintaining your garden takes the stress and long hours out of having the perfect garden. Pulling a few small weeds, in comparison to weeding your whole backyard, will seem like a breeze and you won’t begin to detest your beautiful garden. Getting your family involved can also create time for some great fun, while also taking all of the hard work away from little old you! Working as a team, you’ll have the garden looking spick and span in no time!

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