Organizing Your Plastic Cards



Company ID, SSS and  PhilHealth ID’s, credit and debit card, SMAC and Mercury Drug’s Suki card, etc. name it and I got it! I guess that goes for everybody else too in their wallet :). Mostly are full of scratches and stain due to  compact slots. Finally, I was able to manage finding a solution to it.

I bought this Aluma wallet inspired card case, it has 7 slots and each can hold at least  2 cards, I was able to fill in 7 and one slot for an extra paper money bill. This works for me well since I always need most of my cards for my work transactions, I only have to carry this and they’re all fit in! What I like about this is that my cards will be protected from scratches and easy wear and tear due to improper card storage.

How about you? where do you put all your cards and ID?



15 thoughts on “Organizing Your Plastic Cards

  1. uy nice to DEz.. ako sa wallet lang.. i don’t bring the important cards like SSS, philhealth always kasi katakot pag nawala hirap magpalit .. hehe d ko rin dala ang CC lagi para d makakagastos ng d oras hehe

  2. That’s a nifty wallet! I don’t carry much cards in my regular wallet. I only bring my debit, membership, Driver’s licence and ID cards in my wallet. The rest, I keep them in a pouch and leave them in my closet. Not that I have any use for them. If I will need one of them, I just take them out a day before and when done, I put it right back in the pouch. T

  3. Ako Sis, kahit wallet wala. ;). But my wife, she is so orderly with her things. All her plastic cards, nasa isang wallet. If I’m not mistaken, wallet yun ni KM.

  4. that’s nice to have…but like jennyL, i don’t bring important cards…debit card plus expat cards (discount cards in mall for expats) lang ang laging nasa wallet ko but they are a lot…so this one is very handy to have. will check that here in bangkok if its available, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. That’s a cute wallet for your plastic cards. I put my cards and IDs in my wallet which has 4 slots. I want my IDs, cash and plastic money to be in one wallet so I don’t have to carry different wallets in my purse.

  6. LIke you, i used to also have a separate wallet for my cards. Kaso nga lang leatherette lang yong nabili ko dati kaya di rin nagtagal, nasira rin agad. I found a solution when I was able to purchase a real leather wallet, Braun Buffel. I Was able to buy it for a hefty price but it’s worth every penny.

  7. I put my ID cards, ATM and Debit cards in my wallet though I feel like I have to upgrade my wallet since I want my cards in well-organized place. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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