Medical Alert System During Emergency Situations


Love Your Parents . We are so busy growing up,we often forget they are also growing old- Unknown

It is disheartening to know that a loved one, especially your parents came to a point wherein their body can’t bear to walk around anymore. More so, can no longer recognize people around them.

I got call from my sister  two weeks ago, she told me that my father woke up around the middle of the night and went out of the house. Good thing that a kind neighbor alerted them and told that they saw my father walking barefoot along the streets within their area.

They were able to see him and brought him back at the house, when asked why did he went out of the house in  the middle of the night he said “ Somebody’s chasing me, so I ran out” We were all saddened to hear him out telling unusual stories and gestures.

It all dawned on us that he might be experiencing dementia, or worst an Alzheimer’s disease. We are yet to have him checked by a specialist and we all hope for a better outcome.

For now, the best way that we can do is to get Personal alarms for the elderly to monitor him on his daily activity. My mother has to take care of their small business and it is my niece and sister who is left in the house to look after my dad.


We are looking for other means on how we can better take care of him. I think, investing in one of those Medical alert systems like the ones being offered by Lifenet is helpful and beneficial enough to help us in aid in taking care of my father.

The said system comes with a large button that when pressed anytime, will alert LifeNet EMTs that an assistance is needed. The said device can be worn as pendant, bracelet or wristwatch and is waterproof. It is designed for easy function and reliability that one can use for emergency situations.

Helpful system and device like this is a must for our elderly loved ones who needs extra care from us. It is our duty to look after them especially in trying times like when they needed us most.

19 thoughts on “Medical Alert System During Emergency Situations

  1. Oh sorry to hear about what happened to your father. You really need to get him checked and get that medical alert so you’ll have peace of mind already.

  2. These medical alert systems are especially beneficial for elderly who needed first responders on their medical emergencies. To whoever invented this, kudos to these experts!

  3. We really should love our parents and be aware that time will come they will be so old that they will need extra care and special attention. Hearing about what happened to your father reminds me of my Auntie who forgot how to go back to their house. Loving our parents will include giving them things like medical alerts that will monitor them 24/7 and will be able to send alerts for help and assistance.

  4. Isn’t that amazing to know that human beings are wonderful creatures? they learned so many ways to help those who needs help deeply. that invention is a clever one and someone who truly concern with a family member… i do hope that works in PH, unfortunately, medics there and here is way too different when it comes to being fast…

  5. Good to hear that your dad is okay na. Great idea to secure a medical alrm for the elderly.,ma-momonitor ang movement ng dad mo. Sana this age-related diseases will not bear on me.

  6. So sorry to hear about your Dad. My Lola had Alzheimer’s and during the earlier stages she would wander out of the house too. I hope you get him the best possible care!

  7. My mom in law has a medical alert necklace, it is very helpful and she also has a baby alarm just so her caregiver will hear her when she needs something.

  8. we experienced the same thing with my late father. he used to get up middle of the night and it looks like he was dreaming. they must have been into various REM sleep stages.

  9. oh so sorry to hear about your dad.. i thought he’s a sleepwalker just like my brother, but not to the extent that he went out of the house while still sleeping. Hope he was just dreaming.

  10. Oh! So sad to know about what happened to your Dad. The alert system would be of huge help especially on emergency situations just like what happened to your father. Hope the Docs will see no serious ailment on him.

  11. it is really sad to see loves ones cant do much stuff for themselves. good to know that there are gadgets that makes it easy for them to move around and still do stuff.

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