Hellooo September!

Oh, that was a week late greetings for this post! Many things had happened since day one of this month. Things were quite hard and we’re still coping from the hard times that we had from the past couple of months, health wise and money-wise that is!

But as always, I  look forward to the positive side. Fervently praying for guidance and support from our Big God up there! 🙂

Last August 31, was the culminating activity for our little girl for their “Buwan ng wika”

The little girl in her Filipiniana Costume- Casual Kimona Dress


She was suppose to wear the top here but it was quite still big for her. So we opted to have the dress (patadyong) altered and bought a new top Kimona. Yey! for we only get to spend fifty five pesos for the kimona and forty five pesos for her abaca slippers. We bought them at the mini-divisoria-like area  beside the Marketplace mall in Mandaluyong.

The little boy on the other hand, had their first quarterly exams last week of August. Last night, he told me that he has a surprise for me and proudly show me this!


One proud mama here! The short-time review sessions paid off. whew! Only 80% for the music subject, he told me he sang “Paa, tuhod..” for the tagalog song in their music test because he forgot the lines that he practiced for his supposed to be “ako ay may lobo” tagalog piece. lol!

Since “BER” months is here, we all look forward to a productive and fruitful months ahead in preparation for the upcoming holiday season! Bring it on September! 🙂

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