A High Rise Building Project

Our company is in the process of going through business expansion. We are all pretty excited over all the positive changes going on within the organization. This would mean a level-up in different aspects of our work career and we’re all looking forward to moving up to a higher level, career-wise and building wise. As to the latter, it means we’re about to have our very own building office.  As we’ve been surrounded by the tallest buildings around our office area, it’s time to build our very own.


Everyone’s optimistic about the project, so we have started laying down all the plans and working on them to get started. First thing’s first for me, my work load has now increased since I’m part of the purchasing department. I will take charge of the responsibility to look around for suppliers for the project construction materials down from sand, gravel, stones, masonry, carpentry, composites, electrical, HVACs, conveyors, lift, scaffolding up to the furnishings and finishing materials needed for the operation of the business building.

For now, I am concentrating on looking for a  scaffold supplier, the one that offers the best, high quality materials and one that can deliver all of our construction needs quickly. Here’s hoping to a successful project and looking forward to our new home in a couple of years’ time.

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