Long Weekend

We are currently enjoying our long weekend. Though we’re not going somewhere on an out of town vacation, just at home! 🙂 makes me giddy excited. You know, just getting around with my family at home doing nothing extra special is enough for me. Just the thought of having four days away from office work gives me the sense of peace and relaxation.

Yesterday, we went to a nearby hypermarket to do the grocery. We spent a lot of time going around, checking on what’s new in the home and appliance section. Had a great time eating on Lugaw (rice porridge), carbonara, Mc Float and Mc Flurry. What a great combination! Ahaha!

Ate Gabby enjoying her Mc Flurry


My Jumbo bowl of lugaw 😀


and my Monster Mc Float! it’s been ages since the last time, so I had it all by myself. lol!


Daddy slip on the terrace during those rainy past weeks and almost break his arm. He did try out the ball shooting and proudly told me that he almost beat the score. So no more achy arm there I guess!


While Ate Gabby is still fond of those “uga-uga” rides!  😀 We were teasing here that she’s too big to fit in there.


We also both tried the piso games,I just forgot to take a picture while playing as we were both enjoying it.  It’s actually like the colored games were you have to place your bet  and guess the color in which the money will appear. I think we won around P20 there.

The little boy is not with us here because we actually avoided having “chaos” 😀 whenever the two are together. But he’ll surely be included in the future lakad~:) I am so  looking forward to the next long weekend!

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