Typhoon Gener

Although there was no Typhoon signal in the metro,  classes were suspended from preschool to high school due to the inclement weather yesterday. I wasn’t able to sleep early the other night since I was glued on twitter for news and weather updates, the whirling of the winds and rain is really scary.

There was also announcement of suspension of classes in college and work for those in  the government around 2:00 pm. But none for those who are in the private sector like us.

I am praying for a good weather yesterday because I can no longer take a leave from work because I have many absences the past couple of weeks when DH got sick. Good thing that there was no traffic yesterday and I was able to experience a hassle-free travel back and forth 🙂

Hoping for a good weather for the rest of the week, I love the cool and chilly weather but no scary non stop rains and floods please!

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