White Metal Wedding Bands

In the 1980’s gold was king. Everywhere you looked someone had some type of gold jewelry. Gold was referred to then as just gold. Now there is white and rose gold so many people will call gold yellow gold even though it is naturally yellow so it can be somewhat redundant to call it the color it naturally is. Lately there has been a big push back to white metals. Now platinum rings are considered king. Platinum is the rarest precious metal and platinum jewelry is usually 95 percent pure. This is great for it being a hypo-allergenic metal. Unless you are allergic specifically to platinum you won’t have a problem wearing it.

With the prices of oil and precious metals being at all times high there has been a big push towards alternative white metals. Palladium wedding bands are being purchased much more because of the price of platinum. You can usually get the same ring in palladium for a fraction of the platinum price. The best part about palladium is that it is actually whiter than platinum and will hold up just as well. This makes for many new options when you are choosing the wedding band you will be wearing the rest of your life.

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