On Monetizing Your Blog


Blogging has indeed open many gateways of opportunity, be it for personal and business reasons. Being able to express and share some personal side of yourself and gain friends from different parts of the world through blogging is one perks that you get out of it while getting paid out of the things that you love is just another cherry on top of the cake!

I am actually excited when I first learned that one can actually earn through it. A little bit of research and getting views and opinions from fellow blogger, I was able to find Ways on How To Make Money Online.

  • Get paid to write articles/ Post Sponsorship. with some link inclusion pointing to an advertiser’s website. I actually applied to numerous paid to blog sites before and still writing for some of them until now.
  • Google Adsense. You got to have some traffic on your website to generate a good flow of income here.
  • Text Link Ads. This is one of my favorite way of earning easy money as you only have to put it on your side bar and you’ll be getting paid depending on the contract/ agreement  on the amount and how long it will stay live over a period of time on your site.
  • Banner Ads. putting up an ads with image, rate depends on the size and other factors depending upon the agreement w/ the advert.
  • Joining in some blog contest and giveaways. Have some fun to earn an extra $$$ or any material things like gadgets, bags, cosmetics, etc.

These are just some of the most known and effective way to earn from your blogs. You just got to work a little harder on gaining followers and increase readership, Page rank, and other blogging criteria’s and you’re good to go and sure enough to make money flow into your blog.

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