Home Projects For 2012

We are so looking forward to finish all the project planning we have for our home this year. We were not able to accomplish a lot last year as we are short with the budget. We’re are on a tight budget, so to speak.

We are optimistic that we can deliver with most of the house projects this time. First, we hope to finish the bathroom makeover that has been put on hold for quite sometime. Second, the kid’s room repair. Hopefully, they can already use their room in the middle of the year.

DH has just started on painting the flooring in our terrace here:


Next will be the wall painting. Some fix and repairs are needed inside the house like pipe leaks, ceiling fix. Summer is coming too in a couple of months so we are looking around on a home service center for our air-conditioning unit. A quality and of good service center like AC Service Ft Mill. Buying a new unit is out of our options at this time. We bought our AC a couple of years ago and it has really served its purpose well. It just suddenly work well, cooling takes sometime to take effect. I guess a little bit of cleaning and fix will do the trick.

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