New Year Updates

Hello 2012! This is technically my first post for this blog for 2012 🙂 I got a new theme for this blog too, I wanted to change my header’s font color to match the theme, but will try to do it next time. Ahaha! I’ve been busy (what’s new?!) and trying to cope up with offline activities. Not to mention that I am having a hard time managing my “online time” wisely ( FB stalking, online window shopping, browsing gossip sites, etc. LOL)  But, I am happy to note that the start of the year is pretty good enough for me, online work wise! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it would stay the same for the rest of the year.

As for my family updates, kids are doing ok and so is the hubby. The little boy will be having their educational field trip later this month. Good thing that the places to be visited are just within the metro. We are also looking forward to DH’s brother arrival later this month too. I guess will be busy going some places again when he arrive. 

For this year, we hope to accomplish these things:

  • passport application (kids and I)
  • bathroom makeover
  • travel/ out of town vacation
  • setting up our very own business

I am praying on God’s guidance on our plans and decision. Kids are growing up really fast and although we are not financially stable, I thank God that we were still able to manage and cope up with expenses. In God’s will, I know things will fall into their proper places.

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