Mixed Emotions

I don’t know how to put words on how I really feel from the past days err months I suppose. Been having this feeling of lowliness at one time then ok and full of hopes and positivity the next . But one thing that keeps still is a lot of questions in between, no matter how I try to find a rational answers to those, some things just won’t give keep me sane.

Now I wonder if this is what they call, “midlife crisis”? I think I am too young for that. lol! But seriously, things are really getting into me lately and I feel that I have been caught up in between of everything- the family, work, finances and health and the latest to affect me is this occasional twinge on my lower abdomen and pelvic pain like those symptoms of a dysmenorrhea minus the period.

Now I hope that I would be able to save up for that medical check-up, knock up more positivity and senses to my brain! I need to get going, be able to rise above from all of these because some people depends on me a lot, just the way I depend on them for a lot of things too!

That all being said… I feel more better now!

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