Moving Up Day

Been lacking for some personal updates here, the past few days or weeks I should say was the craziest that my mood was greatly affected. The earthquake, political woes, war, etc.. I can’t really find ways to express my feelings in writing.

SILENCE. PRAYERS. That’s how I cope up and redeem from the weirdest things that happen even in my personal life. Prayers move mountains indeed! I’ve been having headaches spell for the past three days since Friday afternoon, I have high tolerance for pain but this one’s exceptional, I would cry out.

Moving Up. Later this afternoon will be the culminating activity of the little boy, still got to work till lunch and  will take the rest of the afternoon to witness a special milestone of the little boy. DD will come with us as their classes/ school year just ended last Friday.

DH will cook his ever specialty carbonara with a different twist special ingredients included. ahaha! for our dinner celebration. Hope the coming days will be smooth one I’d be in my blogging groove.

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