High and Up!

There is always sunshine after the rain… Move on and get up!

I think lonely and lowly times for me is over. One of the toughest battle is fighting with yourself because you are your own worst enemy, so goodbye to nonsense worries and self pity.

FOCUS. This is where I am weakest, though I think at times that I am strong and can tolerate pain but tremble and crush at the slightest words that are not even meant to hurt me, from there I get lost. I would like to focus now on positive things, believe and keep the faith!

With the good and positive things happening around my family now ; The moving up day of DS, DH being granted a 3 month tourist visa to Australia, DD’s upcoming birthday, future plans for the family which includes financial aspect that will benefit the kids future. All of them an answered prayers! I feel so loved after all.

Still I am praying up until now for my work situation, if I should still continue to work in an 8-hour work schedule which mainly focus on sales jobs , not that I’m complaining wit my workload which is very light and easy that I could still find time to blog or surf the net, there’s nothing bad that I can say about my boss and co-workers, it’s just that I am having this guilty feeling of not being able to take care of my kids or should I say I miss being with them 24/7.  My day job helps me a lot to make ends meet and there are times that online jobs are scarce which gave me second thoughts to give it a try to become a full time work at home mom. I know this will be granted and answered in God’s perfect time. 🙂

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