Sicky Little Boy Again


Our little kulit is sick again. He’s been getting sickly after they had their educational field trip late last January. He’s just starting to regain his appetite after getting sick from a viral flu from over a week and then he’s now having bouts of cough and starting to show signs of an asthma attack. I think we need to visit the pedia next week for a check up and consultation, I’ll be asking for  other vitamins and supplements that he could take. I am close to giving him a natural male enhancement already to get him back on his active self again. 😀 Kidding aside, I am starting to worry about his weight loss. Though he’s active and playing a lot and still doing good in his class. Physically, the weight loss has taken its toll on him. He’s getting thin already  and he doesn’t look good on it. Hope things turn out well soon.

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