The Shepherd Boy



My dear son in his Shepherd man’s costume for their Christmas Tableau on their Christmas party held last Friday (December 17).

Costume Details:

  • white long dress (This was from an angel costume) rental fee of P200
  • Head dress, belt- custom made for only P150
  • Sash- remnant cloth (Given by her Tita)
  • Sandals- From tiangge in Paskuhan sa Tiger City ( Maysilo Circle, Mandaulyong) P60.00


  • Styro- bought from National bookstore, P43.00
  • Cotton- from form Mercury Drug Store, 250 g P23.50
  • Cutter- for Shaping out the Sheep form. P20
  • Got the pattern from an art work online site and was drawn by his cousin, I was the one the who did the cutting of Styro.


  • Bought at the handicraft store by my mom at Quiapo at P100.

DS was able to deliver during the entire program and was so happy that he didn’t throw any tantrum and did enjoy his first ever performance on stage. 😀

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