A Memorable Christmas


How was your Christmas? ours was a memorable and yet simple celebration with the whole family. It was indeed a busy week for us, I had a work scheduled up until the 23rd and did some last minute shopping on the 24th, I did find a hard time going around the mall  to look for some men’s polo shirts as a gift to my father and to our eldest brother, can’t figure out which style and design to choose :). We did an early Christmas dinner at around 8:00 pm and dozed off early as we had a full schedule on Christmas day itself. We went to my parent’s place early morning at 8 a.m, gave them our gifts and my mom prepared pork caldereta for lunch.

Went to S place after lunch, kids had fun playing around and they’re all giddy upon S played Santa to his god children and gave them free tickets to Ocean Park. Afternoon and up until early evening was spent in Masambong, kids again received crisp money bills as Christmas presents from their Lola F and Tito M. It was indeed a tiring yet fun Christmas day, kids was at their happiest and that’s what matter to us.

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