Vertical Doors on Wheels

It was one fine afternoon while I was walking on my way to the bank when a car stops near my way onto the car park and I was amazed when the door suddenly opens upward/ vertically ( as if it’s about to fly)and not that of the typical way of side way opening. Those vertical doors that is! Who wouldn’t want this different kind of funky look of your wheel were everybody will surely take a second look. An expression that will give and define your personality upon seeing your cool car!

This type of door functions in such a way that it keeps a space saving feature and is usually seen on high end line of wheels. Hence the need for some accessories and kits to fully enable and enjoy and live up to its purpose. One must take extra precautions when driving this kind of car since it was designed afar from the conventional type of door cars. Many car enthusiasts are so merely into upgrading into this one. With a one if a kind experience using this one, either for show or personal reasons, no doubt that it will create a great impact knowing that you are driving on a vertical type.

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