DD’s Field Trip (Part 1)

Finally, DD’s educational field trip pushed through after being rescheduled due to a bad weather condition a couple of weeks ago. We were quite disappointed as there are few changes in the itinerary and was only informed when were already on our way then inside the bus. Instead of visiting Malabon zoo, we headed to “Kulturang Pinoy” beside the Boom na Boom in Pasay City, instead of Barasoain Church in Bulacan, it’s San Guillermo church in Pampanga (the church where the teleserye “May Bukas Pa” takes place, hence the famous “Santino”). we were not able to visit Tita’s meat shop too.But nevertheless the field trip went well and we were really thankful that we had a good weather condition that day. Here’s some pics taken inside the bus.. .












The tour guide keeping us informed of some important matters plus trivia’s and tidbits.


DD while praying for a safe travel


Smooth travel on an early morning travel…


More pictures of the places that we visited on my next posts..:)

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