DD’s Educational Field Trip (Part 2)

I know it’s been ten days since I did the first part of DD’s field trip, been caught up with offline activities, especially at work. But here it is…

First place that we visited was

Kulturang Pinoy


The place is located at Pasay City beside the Boom na Boom. Kids were able to try out different traditional Filipino games like, sipa, sungka, patintero, etc..


Then some kids were asked to perform, DD was very active and even volunteered to dance. lol They were asked to wear some costume, not some halloween costumes though. lol.



Then off we went to the second destination at

Nature’s Spring Mineral Water Plant

P1060554 The place is located in Guiginto, Bulacan.. We were able to see how a plastic bottle were formed from resin up to these different sizes. We moved around the vicinity were we get to see different stages how a bottled water is made.


The bubble water


We were given a free drink after the tour, see how thirsty the little girl is?! lol! It was too hot inside the plant, that‘s why!


Third destination is at San Guillermo Parish Church in Pampanga


This is the Church were some scenes (monastery) in a teleserye “May Bukas pa” took place. Santino was the little boy and lead character in the show.


We had our lunch at the Clark Field Garden, then had some shopping at Duty Free.. We got a robot toy for the little boy as our pasalubong. Then off we went to the final destination at

Felicidades Theme Park


built by Globe Asiatique right in the heart of an exclusive subdivision  at Mabalacat Pampanga were the kids enjoyed the rides. We arrived home safely at around 8:00 in the evening. Though we were not able to follow the original itinerary, It was indeed a learning experience for us.

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